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NB: This is a downloadable weaving pattern to make your own fabric, not a finished product. I sell those too, but not here! This pattern is available for free to Patreon supporters who pledge 5$ or more. Check the Patreon posts to claim your key.

This lace table linen make the most of the roundness of 16/3 yarn, and lets the natural colors of the fiber shine. It expands a simple lace structure to several different blocks, letting the weaver build new patterns as they go.
This is more of a recipe than a pattern, aimed at intermediate weavers. It gives you all the elements to make your own version of the project, and requires 10 shafts, a somewhat complex setup, and non-trivial treadling. The draft is Swedish-style, with the tie-up at the bottom right and dark squares showing sinking shafts, but presented sideways for space reasons.
You will need a loom with at least 10 shafts, 40cm internal width, and a 35/10 reed. That’s about 15 inches in imperial units, and 9 dents per inch for the reed: both 8 and 10 will work depending on how tight you want the fabric to be. Two shuttles help but one is enough.
The original yarns are from Swedish suppliers but can be substituted. If you have questions, feel free to contact me, even before buying. Thanks to Amanda Rataj for proofreading and making this pattern better!


Fibraquarelle_Lace_table_linen.pdf 2.4 MB

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